Shelburne Museum is committed to enhancing accessibility and inclusion for our visitors and community. Our efforts to improve accessibility at the Museum through our services, website, and offerings are ongoing and we invite you to contact us with feedback, questions, or concerns at

Know Before You Go Resources

Browse the following materials to help prepare for your visit to Shelburne Museum:

Physical Accessibility Guide

The Physical Accessibility Guide shares information about exhibitions accessibility, service accessibility, travel on the grounds, and terrain details for paths, walkways, and road surfaces.

Download Physical Accessibility Guide

Sensory Conditions Guide

The Sensory Conditions Guide shares information about lighting, sound, staffing, and activity conditions in exhibition spaces as well as olfactory notes for the grounds and gardens.

Download Sensory Conditions Guide

Visitor’s Guide

The Visitor’s Guide includes the Museum map and provides information about 2023 exhibitions, Museum highlights, talks and tours, customs and courtesies, hours, membership, and more.

Download Visitor’s Guide

Social Narrative Guide – General Visiting

The Social Narrative Guide for general visiting provides a first-person step-by-step narrative for visitors to reference, plan, and understand what to expect for their Museum visit during general hours.

Download Social Narrative Guide – General Visiting


Social Narrative Guide – Sensory Friendly Friday

The Social Narrative Guide for Sensory Friendly Friday programming provides a first-person step-by-step narrative for visitors to reference, plan, and understand what to expect for their Museum visit during Sensory Friendly Friday events specifically, during which the admissions and exhibition experience differs from general hours.

Download Social Narrative Guide – Sensory Friendly Friday


Communication Aid

The Communication Aid is a tool that includes a visual keyboard and cue cards used to assist visitors who communicate non-verbally during their visit to the Museum.

Download Communication Aid

Accessibility Programs

Shelburne Museum provides several accessibility offerings to help provide an engaging experience for our visitors. Browse the event information and FAQs below to learn more.

Sensory Friendly Mornings Events

On the third Friday of every month, May through October, we invite the community into the Museum before regular opening hours to view special exhibitions at the Pizzagalli Center for Art and Education in a light and sound adjusted environment. Created in consultation with Inclusive Arts Vermont, this program for children, teens, and adults alike is designed to offer a positive museum-going experience for visitors with varying sensory processing differences. Support for Sensory Friendly Mornings is provided by: Vermont Humanities Council. Learn more and register at the following link: 

Large Format Labels

Large format labels are physically available in special exhibition spaces. Please visit the following links to explore the digital copies:


EnChroma Glasses

Shelburne Museum has partnered with EnChroma to provide pairs of its glasses for visitor use within our exhibition spaces! EnChroma glasses help those experiencing color blindness to see a full range of vibrant color. Visitors can check out the glasses in special exhibition spaces on a rotating basis. Learn more about EnChroma glasses at

Frequently Asked Accessibility Questions

Browse the following list of accessibility-related frequently asked questions. For a full list of frequently asked questions please click the following link:

Is the Museum accessible to wheelchairs?

The Museum’s grounds are accessible, as are nearly all of our buildings. Paths, walkways, and roads consist of firmly packed gravel or slate surfaces and the terrain varies in slope and surface. Because each building is unique, we have published a Physical Accessibility Guide to help you plan your day. You can download this guide from Also, on the Ticonderoga, “Access and Explore” notebooks have images and information about inaccessible portions of the boat.

Should I bring my own wheelchair?

We have a number of standard size wheelchairs available. You may reserve a wheelchair in advance by contacting the Museum Store at (802) 985-3346 x3144, or just request it upon arrival. There is no fee for wheelchairs.

Do you have to walk a lot at the Museum?

If you prefer not to walk a lot, we have two 8-seat golf carts operating as shuttles during the summer season. They are free and you can get on and off throughout your visit. Also, many of the buildings are close to one another. We also have wagons available free of charge. There are benches located throughout the grounds and in and near our gardens, as well as visitor seating in most of the buildings. There are tables outside and inside the Weathervane Café, as well as seating areas in the Lighthouse and the lower level of Shaker Shed.

What services do you offer for visually-impaired and hearing-impaired visitors?

Guide staff is available throughout the grounds and are happy to assist all visitors. Staff members wear blue shirts, with Shelburne Museum fleece jackets or vests in colder weather, and photo ID badges. Large type printed guides and/or label copy are available in select exhibitions for visitors with visual impairments. Audio installations are available on the Ticonderoga, Beach Gallery, and the Meeting House. Video installations are located in Beach Gallery, Dorset House, the Ticonderoga, Variety Unit, and select special exhibitions in the Pizzagalli Center for Art and Education. The Museum does not currently offer Museum-wide audio tours.

Do you have materials in languages other than English?

There are written guides available in French.

Can I bring my dog in?

Service animals are welcome on the Museum grounds, but pets are not allowed. Visitors with service animals should speak with a member of the admissions staff prior to entering the grounds, for clarification on our policy and building access.

Is there a public telephone?

Should any visitor require access to a telephone, please ask at admissions.

Where can I get something to eat and drink?

Our Weathervane Café will be open with snack and grab-and-go options available. The café will be open daily from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Indoor and outdoor seating is available. The Museum store also sells snacks.

How long does it take to visit the Museum? What shall we see first? What do you recommend we see today?

Many of our visitors come during the season for 3-4 hours. You can spend a few hours or two days, depending on your level of interest. If you only have a limited time, we can offer some suggestions. In addition, your admission is good for two consecutive days with receipt.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes! Public Wi-Fi is available throughout the grounds.

What if I have a question or need help when I’m on the grounds?

Please approach any staff member about any questions or problems. During the season guide staff members are available throughout the grounds and are happy to assist all visitors. They are identified by their light blue shirts and/or navy-blue fleece jackets/vests and photo ID badges.

I got separated from my friends/family and I don’t know what to do.

Please approach a Museum staff member for assistance from our Protection Services team. You will be asked: What is your name? What are the names of people in your party? Can you give me a brief physical description?