Eyesight & Insight: Lens on American Art

Illuminating the history of creative response to perceptions of vision, Eyesight & Insight: Lens on American Art invites new insights into the ways American artists have negotiated issues related to eyesight.


In Plain Sight: Rediscovering Charles Sumner Bunn’s Shorebird Decoys



Mary Cassatt’s Impressions: Assembling the Havemeyer Art Collection

Mary Cassatt’s Impressions: Assembling the Havemeyer Art Collection explores the enduring friendship between Cassatt and the Havemeyers and highlights archival anecdotes and primary sources detailing their acquisitions of Impressionist paintings, drawings, and sculptures based on Cassatt’s advice.


Pattern & Purpose

Drawn from Shelburne Museum’s extensive permanent collection, Pattern & Purpose brings together twenty masterpiece quilts made between the first decades of the 1800s and the turn of the twenty- first century, ranging from carefully-pieced Lemoyne stars and embroidered “best quilts” to more recent “art quilts” by contemporary makers.


A. Elmer Crowell: Sculptor, Painter, Decoy Maker

A. Elmer Crowell: Sculptor, Painter, Decoy Maker explores the artistry and innovation of the acclaimed carver’s ornamental birds. Drawing from Shelburne Museum’s renowned decoy collection, the exhibition features important milestones that chart the development of Crowell’s prolific artistic career, from the earliest miniature goose he carved in 1894 to the very last bird he made before retiring in the early 1940s.


Creature Comfort: Animals in the House

Drawing heavily from Shelburne Museum’s permanent collection and supplemented by strategic loans from contemporary artists and private collectors, this exhibition will explore the creative ways animal forms have been adapted to create a wide range of beautiful and functional household objects. Ranging in date from the 18th century to the present day, the selected decorative art objects explore complex themes related to animal/human bonds, including domestication, emotional connections, and ethical treatment.


American Stories

American Stories explores the ways Americans celebrate the bonds of friendship, family, and civic identity through remarkable and unexpected objects drawn from Shelburne Museum’s permanent collection. 


Color, Pattern, Whimsy, & Scale

This inaugural online exhibition explores Electra Havemeyer Webb’s idiosyncratic, intuitive, and imaginative approach to collecting, and features well-known masterpieces and treasures in Shelburne Museum’s diverse collection.