Webby’s Art Studio

Come create! Specialized art activities for all ages, inspired by temporary and permanent exhibitions.

11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Webby’s Art Studio will be in the Owl Cottage Activity Center for the months of June, July, and August. Activities will run daily from June 17 – August 18, Monday – Sunday, a new activity each week.


17 – 23      Patterned Paper Join a guided tour of Prentis and Stencil House where you will see entire rooms painted with early 19th century stencil motifs. Then create a stencil painting inspired by the decorative walls you’ve seen.

24 – 30      Imaginative Images Visit the new exhibit, William Wegman: Outside In, and see how he uses postcards in his oil paintings. Afterwards use postcards as the focal point in a creative collage.


1 – 7          Hungry Animals Design a clothespin puppet inspired by the animals that can be found in the Circus Building.

8 – 13        Locomotive 220 Construct and color your own wooden train toy inspired by the Rail Car Grand Isle.

15 – 21      Full Steam Ahead Sit on the lawn in front of the Ticonderoga steamboat and paint a paper boat with beautiful watercolors.

22 – 28      Hoot! Hoot! Sculpt an owl out of Model Magic, inspired by the two owl carvings found on either side of the path leading into the Owl Cottage Activity Center.

29 – 4        Make Some Noise! Celebrate like a circus performer! Build your own percussion instrument and pretend you’re riding in one of the wagons in the Roy Arnold Circus Parade displayed in the Circus Building.


5 – 11        Playful Pastels Draw a pastel landscape inspired by the color palette of Harold Weston’s Adirondack mountain oil paintings, featured in the exhibit, Harold Weston: Freedom in the Wilds.

12 – 18      Is that a Dog? In the exhibit, William Wegman: Outside In, Wegman explores the concept of being human through the lens of his dogs.  Play with collage and drawing materials to create your own portrait of a dog.

Art on the Go!


Go hands-on! Our bright blue carts are filled with art supplies, games, activities, and books for all ages. Each cart has a different theme to connect to a Museum collection, building, or special exhibition. Look for them at these locations:

Above the Adirondacks  Harold Weston was an adventurer, who lived in a small cabin on St. Huberts mountain. He choose to live within the landscapes he painted. Explore the exhibit Harold Weston: Freedom in the Wilds, and then use the Art on the Go cart to imagine yourself as an artist and an explorer!

March – June  at Pizzagalli Center for Art and Education

Life of a Settler  Take a step back in time and pretend like you are living in the 19th Century! Practice your weaving using a modern potholder loom, play with an 18th century game or toy, or read a book about colonial life and learn about a typical day for a child or an adult. Finally, Practice your penmanship and hold a goose feather quill. 

May – July at Settlers’ Barn

Light on Lake Champlain  The Lighthouse was built in 1871 along the shores of Lake Champlain to warn ships of the three reefs –Colchester Reef, Colchester Shoals, and the Hogback Reef. Eleven lighthouse keepers and their families called this home until 1933 when an electric beacon was installed. Imagine living in this lighthouse. Explore the contents of the cart and learn about how keepers tended to the lamps each night, in order to protect those traveling on Lake Champlain.

May – October at Lighthouse

Gallery Guides NEW!

Gallery Guides are fun, interactive workbooks that visitors can use individually or together. They are designed to help you learn about and make connections with the Museum’s collections. These booklets can be filled out using pencil and they can be taken home.

Collect all four!

Look for them in these buildings:

Beach Lodge

Circus Building

Dorset House

Webb Gallery 

Dive in with Webby