Webby’s Art Studio

Come create! Specialized art activities for all ages, inspired by temporary and permanent exhibitions.

Create a masterpiece this summer at Webby’s Art Studio! Each program features a specialized art activity designed for all ages and inspired by temporary and permanent exhibitions.

Saturdays, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Pizzagalli Center for Arts and Education Classroom



13    Stitch and Weave    Learn the basics of stitching or refine your skills as you create a burlap wall hanging.

20    Curly Whirly Create a work of art that jumps off the page after looking at Patty Yoder’s hooked rug, J is for Joseph, Who is a Coat of Many Colors.   

27    Delectable Desserts Use this marbleizing technique to create mouthwatering, mixed-media desserts inspired by the artist, Ivan Alifan, who is featured in the exhibit, Sweet Tooth: The Art of Dessert.



3     Vivid Velvet Learn how to draw with oil pastels and velvet.

17   Puppet Master Visit the exhibit, Puppets: World on a String and then come create an accordion puppet that moves with you.

24    Color Block Design a colorful woven felt placemat inspired by weavings from our collection.



3      Popping Puppets Explore the characters from the exhibit, Puppets: World on a String and then create your own pop-up puppet character.

10    Forever Flowers You don’t need a green thumb to make these foil flowers for your home.

17    Encapsulated Creatures Explore the new exhibit, In the Garden, then build a mixed media insect and a terrarium to keep it in.

24    Once upon a time… Design a fairy tale inspired finger puppet and put on a show in the Shelburne Museum puppet theater. Special Time: 10 a.m. -1p.m.

31    Trivet, Trivet, Trivet! Learn about what a trivet is by looking at our collection and then turn natural wool fibers into a colorful felt ball trivet.



7      Beetle Jewels Check out the insect photography displayed in the exhibit, In the Garden, and use metallic paint to recreate those vibrant colors in your own work of art.

14    April Showers Build a mixed media mobile inspired by the weather.

21    Painting with Wool Learn about different felting techniques and then create a floral composition inspired by the quilts in the exhibit, In the Garden.

28    Make it Rain Work with a variety of materials to create a musical rain stick.



5     Wind Power Sculpt a foil weathervane inspired by the collections in the Pizzagalli Center for Art and Education and Stagecoach Inn.

12    Insect Symmetry Investigate the bilateral symmetry of insects at the exhibit, In the Garden. Make an insect paper collage using your knowledge of anatomy, color, and composition.

19    Electra’s Elixir Concoct your own “elixir” inspired by a visit to the Apothecary Shop.

26    Stroke of Genius Build a natural brush and paint your masterpiece.

Art on the Go Carts


Go hands-on! Our bright blue carts are filled with art supplies, games, activities, and books for all ages. Each cart has a different theme to connect to a Museum collection, building, or special exhibition. Look for them at these locations:

September 30, 2017 – January 21, 2017

Art on the Go Cart: Rug Hooking

After viewing Hooked on Patty Yoder come explore the art cart, where you can learn about the art of rug hooking though tactile objects, activities, and books.

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