Webby’s Art Studio

Come create! Specialized art activities for all ages, inspired by temporary and permanent exhibitions.

All Webby’s Art Studio activities will be held in the Pizzagalli Center for Art and Education (PCAE) building, Saturdays 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.



11th   Scratching Records Turn an old record into an awesome art piece, inspired by the artists featured in Backstage Pass: Rock &Roll Photography. Or, weather permitting Snow-Dye. Get your tie-dye fix by helping us decorate the snowy grounds of the Museum, inspired by Backstage Pass: Rock &Roll Photography.

18th   Tasty Treat Make a delicious snack for our feathery friends this winter.

25th Rockin’ Souvenir Design your own Backstage Pass tour memorabilia to take home with you.



4th    Snowflake Quilt Discover what makes snowflakes special and then create your own group of snowflakes to make a layered paper quilt.

11th  Shamrock Suncatchers Make a mosaic suncatcher to hang in your window.

18th Multimedia Family Portrait Create a tactile portrait of your family, inspired by the exhibition Painting a Nation: American Art at Shelburne Museum in Webb Gallery.

25th What do you see? Explore symmetry through string prints and use your imagination to decipher the designs that are left behind.

Art on the Go Carts


Go hands-on! Our bright blue carts are filled with art supplies, games, activities, and books for all ages. Each cart has a different theme to connect to a Museum collection, building, or special exhibition. Look for them at these locations:

November 1, 2016 – August 31, 2017

Art on the Go Cart: Who We Are

Take a look at the portraits in the Painting a Nation exhibition and explore cultures in time and place at this cart.

February 15, 2017 – May 7, 2017

Art on the Go Cart: Rock ‘n’ Roll

Visit the Backstage Pass: Rock & Roll Photography exhibition at the Pizzagalli Center for Art and Education and then come explore the art cart.


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