Webby’s Art Studio

Come create! Specialized art activities for all ages, inspired by temporary and permanent exhibitions.

11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Webby’s Art Studio will be held in the Pizzagalli Center for Art and Education classroom, unless otherwise specified. A new featured activity will be offered weekly on Saturdays in November. The December’s schedule is as followed.


2      Watercolor Wonder Paint your own painting inspired by the watercolors from the exhibition, Joel Barber & the Modern Decoy.

9      Photo Finish Learn about a photographic process from the exhibition, Time Lapse: Contemporary Analog Photography, and create your own work of art.

16    Diorama Day Discover the museum’s collection of miniatures and design your own diorama using drawing, collage, and sculpture techniques.

23    Matchbox Houses Make a petite house for a miniature figurine, inspired by the museum’s collection of dollhouses.

30    Wired Ballet Edgar Degas is one of the French Impressionist painters featured in Electra Havemeyer Webb Memorial Building. Visit the building and sculpt an Edgar Degas ballerina using wire, pipe cleaners, and tulle.


14    Printing Makes Perfect Think like a printer as you design a series of stamps, and use them to decorate a gift bag for someone special.  

Holiday Week

26    Rainbow Snowflakes  Cut paper snowflakes and decorate them with watercolors to create a rainbow snowflake garland.

27    Firework Fantasy  Paint, stamp, and collage a firework display over Lake Champlain to celebrate the New Year!

28    Sensational Snowman  Take your snowman building abilities indoors and use art supplies to create a snowman pen.

29    Window Art   Experiment with shape and color to create a stained glass window effect.

Art on the Go!


Go hands-on! Our bright blue carts are filled with art supplies, games, activities, and books for all ages. Each cart has a different theme to connect to a Museum collection, building, or special exhibition. Look for them at these locations:

Duck, Duck, Goose   Visit the Joel Barber & the Modern Decoy exhibition  and then explore the art cart outside. Joel Barber was an architect, artist, writer, and, most notably, the “father of decoy collecting”. He was the first person to recognize these wooden ducks as works of art. Explore this art cart and learn about carving decoys, practice your draftsmanship as you sketch like Barber, use a field guide to locate specific waterfowl, draw your owl colorful decoy design, or read a book next to a stuffed animal mallard.

October – January at Pizzagalli Center for Art and Education



Gallery Guides NEW!

Gallery Guides are fun, interactive workbooks that visitors can use individually or together. They are designed to help you learn about and make connections with the Museum’s collections. These booklets can be filled out using pencil and they can be taken home.

Collect all four!

Look for them in these buildings:

Beach Lodge

Circus Building

Dorset House

Webb Gallery