Permanent Collection Workshops

September and October 2019 workshops! Email to register or with questions.

Life in Early Vermont

Come discover what life was like in the early 1800s! Participate in conversation about early Vermont life, make hand-dipped candles, explore our toy shop and school house and of course, make your own hand-churned ice cream!

Grades 1–12

Pair this workshop with The Great Journey for a full day museum field trip!


The Great Journey

Come with us as we prepare to make the great journey west! Make johnny cakes on our open hearth in Settler’s Cabin, barter for supplies in the General Store, print a post card to mail home in the Print Shop and explore our wagons in the Horseshoe Barn!

Grades 3–12



Sink or Float

Board the Ticonderoga to investigate buoyancy. The workshop challenges learners to design solutions to prevent objects from sinking. Students will formulate hypotheses and attempt to keep several kinds of materials afloat.

Grades 1-8


Talking About Art: A How To Workshop

Art has a different meaning to each viewer. In this workshop, students learn how to talk about art, connect with diverse perspectives, and gain deeper understanding of the Museum’s American paintings.

Grades 5-12