Free Virtual Escape Rooms (Recommended Age 8+)

Do you have what it takes to escape the ​A. Tuckaway General Store ​and Apothecary Shop at Shelburne Museum? You will search for clues, solve puzzles, and decipher secret codes. Enter the secret codes you find into each lock to escape, and win the game!

Best played using a personal computer, but the experience is also compatible with a smartphone or tablet. Keep a pencil and paper close by to keep track of clues and answers as you go.​

Good luck and please take 2-minutes to complete our survey at the end, we’d love to hear from you!

A. Tuckaway General Store

You have been transported inside the General Store at Shelburne museum and see that you are locked in. Look around the room and find clues to help you solve the puzzles that will open all four locks to escape. Good luck!

Learn more about the A. Tuckaway General Store here.


Apothecary Shop

You are just beginning your 7 year-long apprenticeship to become an apothecary and have been locked in the shop to test your knowledge and problem-solving skills. Complete the tasks, decode the clues, and enter the codes to unlock all five locks. Good luck!

Learn more about the Apothecary Shop here.