2018 Membership FAQs

Why is the Museum raising Membership rates?
After a thoughtful, in-depth analysis of our Membership program, we have implemented these changes so we may continue to bring you the highest level of services possible. After five years without a rate increase, these changes help to align Shelburne Museum in the marketplace, and bring you free year-round access to changing exhibitions, rich and diverse programs, special events, and our amazing gardens and grounds.

What is new about Museum admission?
Shelburne Museum now provides Members a streamlined admission process with new barcoded Membership cards, making Museum entry a breeze.

Why did the Museum create a “Plus One” program? How does it work?
Members have requested more flexible Membership options. With the “Plus One” program, Members get free admission for one guest per visit with this upgrade. Member must accompany the guest. Discounts and other Membership benefits do not apply to the guest.

We have an adult child who is away at college. What is the best Membership for our family?
The Dual Membership with the “Plus One” upgrade is the perfect option. This option allows your adult child free admission while visiting home. At other times, you may bring another guest under this Membership.

What is the NARM benefit for Family Members? Can I purchase a Family Membership for just myself so I can get the NARM benefit?
All Family Memberships now include the NARM benefit which includes free or discounted admission to nearly 1,000 museums and cultural institutions in North America. NARM stands for North American Reciprocal Museum Association. Visit www.narmassociation.org for a complete listing of participating organizations. An individual may purchase a Family Membership to receive NARM benefits.

I want my babysitter/caregiver to bring my kids to the Museum using my Family Membership. What do I need to do?
This benefit is meant to allow your children to visit the Museum with a babysitter/caregiver in your stead. Simply give your babysitter/caregiver your Shelburne Museum Membership card and have them present the card at the admissions desk.

My sister and I do not live in the same household. What is the best Membership for us?
If you plan to visit the Museum together, the best option is for you to purchase an Individual Membership with the “Plus One” upgrade. If you plan to visit the Museum separately, we recommend purchasing Individual Memberships for each of you.

Why is there no senior discount on Memberships?
Seniors represent a significant proportion of our Membership base, and the Museum greatly values their participation as Members. In order to maintain the highest level of services possible, we must do everything we can to keep our operating budget in balance, and we are not able to offer a senior rate at this time. You will find that our Membership rates are competitive with the region’s other cultural institutions.

Who are the Barnstormers and how do I join?
The Barnstormers are a lively Museum constituency active in organizing special programs and a signature annual Winter Soirée. Barnstormers enjoy increased access and engaging events at the Museum. To join, visit www.shelburnemuseum.org/join-support/member and select the appropriate Barnstormers level for you. You may also contact us at 802.985.0834 or barnstormers@shelburnemuseum.org for more information. Members at the Patron level ($500) and above may also join the Barnstormers by opting in.

Why isn’t my Barnstormers Membership tax deductible?
Based on the value of Barnstormers benefits, the IRS does not allow for tax deductibility at this Membership level.

For more information, contact us at 802.985.0834 or members@shelburnemuseum.org.