Puppets: World on a String provides an introductory survey to the art of puppets, presenting a range of historical to contemporary works in a variety of mediums and forms. This immersive exhibition will transport visitors into magical realms where animals speak, shadows come alive, and politicians face their harshest critics. Storytelling and the visual arts collide in this exciting exhibition featuring multimedia works of art by local and national artists. From 19th century marionettes to contemporary digital installations, these works push the boundaries of our concepts of this age-old art form. Puppets: World on a String celebrates the wonder of puppets while investigating the ways that puppet theater mediates between worlds both real and imagined.

In addition to objects from Shelburne Museum’s permanent collection which have not been on view for over a decade, other artists featured in Puppets: World on a String include: Frank Ballard, Sarah Frechette, Laura Heit, Jane Henson, Jim Henson, Christian Jankowski, Rick Meyerowitz, Tony Oursler, Margo and Rufus Rose, Sandglass Theater, Peter Schumann, Betsy Tobin and Andy Warhol.

Colgate Gallery, Pizzagalli Center for Art and Education


Feb 17, 2018 - Opening

Jun 3, 2018 - Closing