Lorna McMaster, Return of the Bobolink (detail), 2022. Homegrown, hand-dyed, needle-felted Border Leicester X Shetland wool on cotton, 31½x 23 in. Courtesy of Lorna McMaster. Photography by Tricia Suriani.

Contemporary fiber artist Lorna McMaster creates portraits and landscapes in felted wool that call attention to the interdependence of pollinators like bees and birds, native plants and foodways, and local communities. 

Special thanks to High Mowing Organic Seeds for their support of the Seed Swap for Lorna McMaster: Stewarding a Seed Collection.

The Dana-Spencer Textile Galleries at Hat and Fragrance


May 11, 2024 - Opening

Oct 20, 2024 - Closing

Listening for Ripeness
Drama Queen Poppies
Painted Lady Runner Beans
Bee the Change at Shelburne Museum
Red Belted Bumblebee Feasts on Phacelia
Harvesting Painted Mountain Corn
Return of the Bobolink
Resina Calendula