Round Barn

The Museum’s eighty-foot-diameter Round Barn is one of only two dozen built in the state. Round barns, designed for economy of labor, were first built by Massachusetts Shakers in 1826 and were re-introduced by a national farm magazine in 1896.

Shelburne Museum’s Round Barn was constructed in East Passumpsic, Vermont, in 1901 and moved to the Museum in 1985-86. Much of it was dismantled and moved on flatbed trucks, but the 9,000-pound upper segment of the silo was flown across the state by helicopter and lowered into place.

The Round Barn houses a selection of the Museum’s outstanding collection of horse-drawn carriages and also serves as a one-of-a-kind setting for special exhibitions and happenings. This rustic and inviting space is also available to rent for your special event.