Horseshoe Barn

More than 200 nineteenth- and early twentieth-century horse-drawn carriages, coaches, and sleighs, comprising what is widely considered one of the best collections in the country, are housed in Horseshoe Barn and the adjacent Horseshoe Barn Annex.

The two-story Horseshoe Barn, built on the Museum grounds in 1949, was modeled after a unique horseshoe-shaped dairy barn in Georgia, Vermont. Its hand-hewn beams are from twelve different Vermont barns, and the stone is from two gristmills. The outside length is 238 ½ feet, with a thirty-two-foot-wide interior space.

Horseshoe Barn Annex was built on Museum grounds in 1957 using old and new materials. It houses wagons, stagecoaches, farm and trade vehicles, and a range of commercial vehicles.