Circus Building

The Circus Building and carousel are favorite attractions for families visiting Shelburne Museum. The fanciful, horseshoe-shaped Circus Building was specifically designed to showcase the hand-carved miniature Arnold Circus Parade, which stretches nearly the full length of the building’s 518 feet. The Circus Building is also where you will find enchanting, hand-painted carousel figures—horses, tigers, giraffes, and more—made by the renowned Gustav Dentzel Carousel Company.

The spruce and cedar Circus Building was conceived in the 1950s, completed in 1965, and completely renovated in 2008. Huge boulders elevate the foundation and serve as the base for a rock garden. A stone arch allows visitors to go inside, outside, and under this unique building.

An operating vintage carousel operates just outside the Circus Building (weather permitting) mid-May through mid-October

Rent the Circus Lawn and Carousel for your event or celebration!