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Shelburne’s decorative arts are among the finest in America and include a broad range of objects from Europe and America, most of them made in the 18th and 19th centuries. They are exhibited in galleries and historic houses.

The collection comprises mainly pewter, brass, cast and wrought iron, ceramics, glass, and furniture. The finest ceramics are English and include over 200 pieces of 19th-century mochaware, several of which are recent acquisitions. The American furniture collection ranges from superb painted pieces, such as the early 18th-century Massachusetts-made Harvard chest, to an elegant suite of furniture made by Louis Comfort Tiffany in 1892.

Shelburne is home to the largest U.S. museum collections of glass canes, trivets, and food molds.

Decorative arts are exhibited in Variety Unit, Prentis House, Stencil House, and the Electra Havemeyer Webb Memorial Building.

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