Hat and Fragrance Textile Gallery/ Patty Yoder Gallery

Patty Yoder Gallery

The Patty Yoder Gallery is made possible by a gift from Ramsey Yoder, Denise McGinley, Brad Yoder, and Shane Yoder in memory of Patty Yoder.

Shelburne’s internationally known collection of quilts is exhibited in Hat and Fragrance Textile Gallery, a name that refers to Electra Webb’s collection of rare hatboxes and the herbal sachets used to preserve early textiles.

The hand-hewn timber structure was built as a distillery in Shelburne about 1800 and later served as the village’s barn. It was given to the Museum in 1947 and moved to its present site.

Shelburne, in 1954, was the first museum to exhibit quilts as works of art rather than as accessories in historic houses, and the building’s maple, birch, and beech veneer walls provide unique and intimate galleries. Four one-story rooms were added to accommodate hooked rugs, hatboxes, costumes, and shadow boxes of miniatures.

Outside is the Hat and Fragrance Garden, planted with herbs and plants traditionally used to make dyes and fragrances.

In 2012  Patty Yoder Gallery opened and is devoted to the exhibition of hooked rugs.  Patty Yoder Gallery features exhibitions of contemporary as well as 19th and early 20th century rugs from the Museum’s collection of more than 300. Patty Yoder (1943-2005)  was acclaimed for creating whimsical rugs with acute attention to detail and an aesthetic eye for color. In 2012 an exhibition of her work, entitled The Alphabet of Sheep by Patty Yoder will be on view from May 13- October 28.

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