Natural Beauties: Jewelry from Art Nouveau to Now

Natural Beauties: Jewelry from Art Nouveau to Now

Nov 15 - Mar 8

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From time immemorial, mankind has found the beauty and complexity of nature to be a fertile source for personal adornment. This exhibition explores the concept of nature in jewelry design as a reflection of our culture’s evolving relationship with our biological surroundings, from the fetishization of the Art Nouveau movement to the current politicization of environmental activism.


Aletto Brothers

Anthony Sonnenberg

Bruce Baker



Chelsey Kantor

Costanze Schreiber

Cristina Dias

David Bielander

David C. Freda

David Webb

Donald Claflin

Elizabeth Gage

Emily Miranda

Fulco di Verdura

Gabriella Kiss

Heather Bayless


Jeanne Toussaint

Jennifer Trask

John Hatleberg

Kate Rothra Fleming

Kenneth Jay Lane

Laurie M. Peters

Lee Hale

Louis Comfort Tiffany

Mark Prent

McTeigue & McClelland

Nervous System, Inc.

Oscar Heyman & Bros.

Paulding Farnham.

Raymond Yard, Inc.

René Lalique

Samantha Gratz

Sam Tho Duong

Seamen Schepps

Tamsen Z

Ted Muehling

Tehri Tolvanen

Tim McClelland

Van Cleef & Arpels

William Ruser


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