Lock, Stock and Barrel: The Terry Tyler Collection of Vermont Firearms

Lock, Stock and Barrel: The Terry Tyler Collection of Vermont Firearms

May 11 - Oct 31

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On public view for the first time, a rare collection of 107  Vermont firearms made from 1790 through 1900. The Terry Tyler collection represents a lifetime of collecting and documents the early history of gunmaking in Vermont.

The firearms, representing about 70 gunmakers, span the period from the earliest documented gunmaker in the state, John Hills of Charlotte, Vermont, whose first flintlock rifles are dated in the 1790s, through the advent of the machine tool industry in Windsor, Vermont, which started with the manufacture of interchangeable gun parts.

Hunting rifles, target rifles, pistols and military guns from the Mexican –American and Civil wars are all included in the collection along with unique pieces such as a cane gun, often favored by poachers who wanted to conceal their intentions and a greatcoat pistol meant to be easily hidden in an overcoat. Many of the guns feature ornate furniture, that is intricate silver and brass inlays and engraving. Several stocks are made from decorative woods such as tiger maple and burled walnut.

Collector Terry Tyler, a resident of Dorset, Vermont, is a noted expert on Vermont firearms. He assembled his collection over five decades and has published books on the history and making of Vermont guns.

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