Amy Lee Ketchum, Two Ghosts, 2013. HD digital video, 9:21 min. Courtesy of Amy Lee Ketchum.

Shelburne Museum is proud to present the exhibition Short List: Animation Today, featuring the incredible work of five talented contemporary animators: Gina Kamentsky, Amy Lee Ketchum, Kirsten Lepore, Jennifer Levonian, and Hayley Morris. This immersive exhibition will feature several animated short films by each of the acclaimed artists, and explore their chosen techniques and laborious processes through the incorporation of a selection of the animators’ associated preparatory sketches, models, props and studio photographs. Using a variety of narrative and animation techniques—such as hand-drawn illustration and stop-motion photography—each artist explores the emotive properties of their chosen media, which includes cardboard, clay, natural materials, film stock, watercolor paintings, felt, and found objects. Short List: Animation Today celebrates the powerful diversity allotted by this fluid artistic medium, through original animated shorts to commissioned music videos, while together presenting a host of empowering and universal themes such as self-discovery, reflections on place, and human (or non-human) relationships. Indisputably and with great significance, Short List: Animation Today also mindfully recognizes the innovative artwork by female animators.

Murphy Gallery, Pizzagalli Center for Art and Education


Mar 28, 2020 - Opening

May 31, 2020 - Closing