The Environment — Sustainable Design

The new Pizzagalli Center for Art and Education is being designed to the standards of LEED Certification from the United States Green Building Council.  Sustainable design features currently incorporated in the design include:

Site and Landscape

  • The site for the new building will be within the existing Museum campus, accessible by foot, bicycle, and public transportation to the local community.
  • Stormwater systems will be designed to control the quantity and quality of water leaving the property, protecting the local watershed.
  • Indigenous and adapted plants will be used in landscaping to maintain an authentic Vermont landscape and reduce water needs for landscaping.
  • Stone paving and wall materials will be indigenous to northern New England.
  • Exterior lighting surrounding the building will be low-energy and designed to prevent light pollution.

Material and Equipment Selection

  • The design will incorporate many local materials (such as stone) to reduce required transportation of building materials and support the local economy.
  • The design will incorporate materials with high recycled content wherever possible.
  • Wood products will be selected from sustainably harvested sources to discourage irresponsible logging practices.
  • Efficient plumbing fixtures will be specified to reduce water used in the building.
  • Energy use will be minimized through both building insulation and through the design of energy-efficient heating, ventilating, air conditioning and lighting systems.
  • Measurement systems will be installed to help ensure that energy systems are operating efficiently and properly.
  • Air quality monitoring equipment will be specified to ensure that adequate outdoor air is distributed throughout the building, to promote a healthy interior environment.


  • The Museum is investigating additional educational programming on environmentally responsible building design, using the new center for art and education as a teaching tool.  This will include not only discussion of modern technological solutions, but also practices that have been used historically in New England that have relevance to today’s sustainable agenda.

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